GTX 1660/GTX 1660TI/GTX1660SUPER compatibility as egpu
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GTX 1660/GTX 1660TI/GTX1660SUPER compatibility as egpu  


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Hello everyone,

The GTX 1660SUPER has really good values being a 1080P gaming card for ~$230. However, the compatible gpu list of every egpu enclosures  does not have the GTX 1660 listed. After asking razer support(live chat), they said that the GTX 1660 is not compatible for RAZER CORE X. I don't know about the others and there isn't any builds sample to look at. Did anyone tried to use a GTX 1660 models for their egpu?

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Doesn't really make sense that they wouldn't be compatible. But if that's what they say then I guess you have to roll with that or try it yourself and return the GPU if it doesn't work and go with a 2060/2060 SUPER or 5700 instead.

EDIT: There's plenty of Razer Core X builds right here on this site that work fine with 1660 Ti. Check out the builds link at the top nav of the site.

EDIT2: oops, I meant 5700/5700xT, which is also not listed on Razer's site for compatibility. 

At the end of the day I don't understand at all why it wouldn't work, it's just a PCIe graphics card.

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