Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling?
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Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling?  


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Does turning this option on in Windows 10 (under Graphics Settings) offer benefit to eGPU users? Specifically those of us using an internal display?

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There weren't any drivers supporting it until today so that's maybe why no one answered. Nvidia just dropped driver version 451.48 that supports it now so if you want to try, update to that driver version. It will also require windows 2004. AMD said they will support it in a future driver but no word yet on when.

I'd also like to see if there's a significant performance change for eGPU users, especially in open world games that use texture streaming. Maybe benchmark a before and after.

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I was just about to make a new topic before I found this one. Any news?

Has anyone attempted to find out if there is any benefit to eGPU gaming performance from Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling / WDDM 2.7?

My understanding is that this requires the latest version of Windows (2004) plus driver support. It seems like Nvidia has drivers out, and AMD just released beta drivers but support only goes back to 5600/5700 cards.

Based on the description of the technology (putting more workload on the GPU) it seems like it might impact eGPU performance in a positive way.

Hopefully someone can run some tests and post their results here!

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