[help]almost give up,with late-2013-macbookpro 15'(none dgpu) win10-1903 v1 @man...
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[help]almost give up,with late-2013-macbookpro 15'(none dgpu) win10-1903 v1 @mantiz rx5500xt issue?  


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I think the navi card is not a good choice for the egpu. After I install a new win10 v1903. I only can cold plug the card(if i did not plug the card during the startup image,the card will not recognized by windows.)and I use ddu to uninstall amd driver in safety mode, then restart the windows and install the bootcampdrivers' 20.1.2  the system can work. fine. but if I reboot, or shut down the macbook, the system will not work.maybe many many times to reboot with stuck ,I can only get once  in the system with working card. So bad exprenice with navi card. And my setup system seems to be different with others. because I found they can hot plug the card in windows in many case, but I can not. why?My tb2 macbookpro? can hot-plug? I also tried to update the win 1903 to newest version and replace the old- pci.sys. when I install the driver it will recognized but can not work.because the system shoud be restarted. but after i reboot,black screen. stuck...so anyone can give me some advice, or I will rma the card and get another (maybe rx480 or something.) thank you!


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