Hotplugging eGPU with USB-Ports on Bootcamp.
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Hotplugging eGPU with USB-Ports on Bootcamp.  


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Hotplugging my Asus XG Station Pro on Bootcamp on 15-inch 2018 is not very reliable after being unplugged once.

The first hotplugging almost always works, but with second and third times the chances sink. You can get either

1) GPU and USB-C port work fine (Nearly 100% the first hot-plug, later 10%)
2) GPU works fine, but USB-C does not (40%)
3) GPU doesn't work, but USB-C works (30%)
4) Nothing works. (20%)

Unplug and hot-replug can solve the problem, if I try enough times if will eventually work.
It this a special problem with my setup or do other experience this issue, too? What can be done to make this more reliable?

Note: It's not Error 12 or similar, devices just don't appear. In MacOSX there is no such problem (Ok, you can't unplug nVidia eGPUs for different reasons, but it works everytime, USB-C works always)

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I have noticed no Thunderbolt detection in Boot Camp once in a while too. The Mac firmware sets Thunderbolt security to No Security (SL0) so that it bypasses the needs for Intel Thunderbolt software in Windows. I have been trying the newer version of Thunderbolt software (Thunderbolt Control Center). You can give this procedure a try a see whether continuous hot-plugs would work more reliable.

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