How to accelerate your display with exactly three clicks
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How to accelerate your display with exactly three clicks  


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In normal working most people won't need accelerated 3d, but with the right setup, it's possible to make acceleration with just 3 clicks. No cable attaching, no booting, no extra monitor:

-First check in the right corner for this symbol:


- If you click on it, you there is a "ConnectCPU Button". Press on it and it will change to "DisconnectGPU":


The difference is very clear, a Test like Uniqine Heaven now runs smoothly (left side without acceleration):

Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 iGPU MPB2015
Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 eGPU MPB2015 internal

Of course, you can every time "Disconnect" it again if there is no need anymore.

Some systems tend to differ in the fact, that you can remove the eGPU physically when disconnected and connect it again. E.g. with my 13" MPB 2015 this is the case. For my 15" MPB 2018 the eGPU box must stay connected.

2018 15" MBP & 2015 13" MBP connected to RTX2080Ti GTX1080Ti GTX1080 Vega56 RX580 R9-290 GTX680

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