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I can boot / restart with my Gigabyte 1070 Gaming Box connected to my MacBook Pr...

I can boot / restart with my Gigabyte 1070 Gaming Box connected to my MacBook Pro 2017 15"  


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Okay so...this is strange (good strange but still). All of this is on my internal display, I do not have an external monitor attached. I got my Gaming Box today so I am not sure how reliable it'll be in the future but I thought it's worth sharing. I did a clean install of macOS and Windows, and ever since then I can basically boot to Windows with my eGPU attached. I have:

  • Detached my eGPU, removed it's power then hot-plugged it a few minutes later, and it picks up fine.
  • Shut down my laptop and then start it while eGPU is attached and that worked fine too
  • Removed my eGPU, shut it down, connected my eGPU while my laptop is off, then started it and it booted into Windows just fine.
  • Rebooted into macOS and back into Windows and that worked too.
  • It does freak out if I let the laptop sleep with my eGPU attacked. I basically can't wake up my laptop without force shutting it down. 

I couldn't do any of this before the clean install, where it would just stay stuck at a black screen or sometimes would keep bootlooping. I did a fresh install of macOS Mojave from recovery (erased the internal SSD completely and did a fresh installation), then installed Windows 1809. When I first attached my eGPU on a fresh installation of Windows, it would instantly restart. I let Windows Update run which caused it to stabilise. Windows automatically installed some really stupid old drivers (from November 2017) which didn't work, so I updated them manually to the latest ones and I left AMD drivers alone. From what I can tell, the eGPU itself works fine. I am getting a solid performance increase in Lumion which is my #1 concern. I'll continue experimenting with it and post it in Build Guides once I am more confident.

PS: There's still one quirk: when I first hot-plug my eGPU to my laptop it straight up restarts. After which I can hot plug any number of times and it wouldn't cause any problem.

Pending: Add my system information and expected eGPU configuration to my signature to give context to my posts

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-Sleep in MacOSX works for me on every card.
-In bootcamp Sleep works fine  for AMD cards on my 13" MBP 2015. It finely switches off the eGPU, too.
-My 15" MBP 2018 doesn't have a sleep function in Windows and I don't know why.
-Bootcamp hibernation doesn't work at all with eGPUs, I never heard anyone who got it running.

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About a year now I've been running my eGPU from a 2017 MBP in win10 with no issues in either of those scenarios as well. No updates from windows or Nvidia have broken anything. Once in a while I don't get any picture on the external monitor, but a quick hot unplug-replug re-establishes the connection. I only recently started running it in macOS and I have no problems either.

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