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Issue with dual monitors, MacBook Pro 2018 + Vega 56 PowerColor Gaming Station

Issue with dual monitors, MacBook Pro 2018 + Vega 56 PowerColor Gaming Station  


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I just spent a couple of hours installing my Rx Vega 56 on my MacBook Pro in bootcamp. I installed Windows 10 on an external SSD, which is connected to the SATA port inside my enclosure. Everything is connected to my computer via one single TB3 cable. After I installed the AMD driver from bootcampdriver, I had this weird issue that basically, if I have my eGPU connected in the enclosure, Windows will be displayed on my external monitor and the internal monitor on my monitor blacks out; and if I have my eGPU disconnected from the PCIe in my enclosure, the internal display lights up and the external one blacks out. I wonder if anyone knows how to fix this?
I previously had a RX570 and had no issue displaying on both monitors. I did not use the BootCampDriver, however, I used the official AMD driver.

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Having the eGPU connected at boot would result in deactivation of the internal GPU. What you described seems like normal behavior with eGPU in Boot Camp.

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