Issues with Aorus Gaming Box 3080 on BootCamp running on MacBook Pro 16 inch
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Issues with Aorus Gaming Box 3080 on BootCamp running on MacBook Pro 16 inch  


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Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased a Aorus Gigabyte RTX3080 Gaming Box and initially, I plugged it in and it worked great. I did a noob move and accidentally disabled the onboard graphics, then the egpu randomly stopped working (however the computer still charged and the usb plugins into the box still worked). I decided to do a fresh Windows install (Newest version from November 2020) so I could navigate and see why it wasn't working. Since the reinstall my computer hasn't been able to detect the Nvidia card and won't let me install any Nvidia drivers although my computer charges and all the usb devices work when I plug in my thunderbolt cable to the box. I'm kind of at a loss here, at this point the only display adapters showing up is the "microsoft basic display adapter" which I assume is my discrete GPU. There is a "PCI device" under "other devices" that has a yellow exclamation point on it which COULD be my graphics card.. however it's not detected by either the most recent Nvidia driver or the most recent Nvidia Experience software.. 

Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone run into this before? One of the reasons I don't think it's a hardware malfunction is that I also have a portable SSD that I plug in via thunderbolt cable and it doesn't show up when plugged in either for some reason.

Thanks in advance!


EDIT: It might also be helpful to know that I just tried to install the AMD graphics driver for my discrete AMD GPU but it said it couldn't detect an AMD device either..

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