Lenovo C940 [W10 - 2004] : eGPU reconnized but nothing working
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Lenovo C940 [W10 - 2004] : eGPU reconnized but nothing working  


Maury Baptiste
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Hi, first, the englissh is not my native langage, so sorry in adavance for the errors.

I have a new Lenovo C940 (14" version) with clean windows 10 (2004 ver) and a GALAX/KFA2 SNPR 1060 GTX. I have allready install many nvidia drivers version, from the 388.71 to the newest, using DDU for clean uninstall. My eGPU is plug with the TB3 included cable, and the device manager reconize it as well without errors.

BUT, nothing is working, i can't use external screen, and can't use the eGPU for a program on internal screen. I've try a lot of things like update my TB3 controller drivers, flash last C940 BIOS, trying to flash new KFA2 1060 firmware etc ...

I put some screenshot of my setup, can you help me ?

Thanks a lot !


Screenshot-2 Screenshot-3 Screenshot-4 Screenshot-5

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