Lenovo Ideapad 720s + GTX1060 6g-TB3 (OMEN Accelerator) + Win10 + MX500 SSD
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Lenovo Ideapad 720s + GTX1060 6g-TB3 (OMEN Accelerator) + Win10 + MX500 SSD  


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I remember that an old broken 2.5-inch hard disk could still detect at the first time I tried omen accelerator.  The data couldn't not been read  then and 720s soonly crashed.  After reopening, no hard disk information could be detected anymore (also a new MX500 SSD and a new HDD.  However, the functions of the eGPU are normal. The repair factory also said that the box function is normal. Therefore the following are some possible reasons that I guess:
1. The external storage function is not supported by nature.
2. The notebook TB3 seems to be 2 lanes. It may not be supported a graphics card + hard disk simultaneously? (But it couldn't work with hard disk only)
3. The notebook bios setting problem, Raid? TB3 details? (the bios didn't show TB3 setting details)
I almost wanted to give up as unsupported. However, I accidentally entered the advanced bios setting page of lenovo in the process of pressing into the bios yesterday and saw the TB3 setting details page once.  Unfortunately, I shot done my 720s and couldn't back to that page anymore.  Therefore,  I need your experts' help really. 
1. Is any one with the same device can run anyting well?
2.What Is the caused of my problems?
3.How to go back to advanced BIOS TBS setting page?
Thanks a lot!

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