Lenovo Yoga 730 13IKB & Radeon 7950 in Sonnet Box - Lights/fans are on but nobod...
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Lenovo Yoga 730 13IKB & Radeon 7950 in Sonnet Box - Lights/fans are on but nobody's home  


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I had to replace the GTX 1060 that was in the Sonnet with my old Radeon 7950, after the 1060 finally succumbed to corrosion (downside of living near the ocean).


Now, whenever the box is connected to the laptop, the fans on the 7950 run all the time - whether the laptop is on or off. When starting up the laptop, the light on the front panel of the box comes on as usual, the fan speed on the card sometimes changes up or down, and Thunderbolt software recognizes that the Sonnet box is plugged in. However, the 7950 is not listed in the device manager, nor in Thunderbolt. ATI Adrenaline drivers do not find any ATI hardware plugged in when attempting to install.


There isn't any corrosion on the PCI-e card in the box; the power supply tests well; the video card it's self seems to be functioning correctly. Unfortunately, due to circumstances I can't bring any of this hardware anywhere to test it properly. In any case, this feels more like some kind of driver or software issue. The fans on the card spinning at all times when connected to the laptop is strange behavior for sure... Something to do with an older video card and the Sonnet box not playing nicely together? I had used DDU to wipe the Nvidia drivers before attempting to plug in the ATI card, so shouldn't be any weird conflicts there...


Assuming for now that the untimely death of the 1060 didn't cause any collateral damage, does anyone have any insight on troubleshooting this problem further? Sadly, getting a new video card simply isn't an option for the foreseeable future...


Thanks in advance!

Lenovo Yoga 730-13IKB / Sonnet Breakaway Box / GTX 1060 (deceased) & Radeon HD 7950