Limit of 40 fps on each Setup razer Core v2 + razer Blade 15 + 1080 TI
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Limit of 40 fps on each Setup razer Core v2 + razer Blade 15 + 1080 TI  


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  • hey hope someone can help with this problem. I have a limited 40 frames on each setup on my new razer Egpu system. The funny thing is that I had a MacBook Pro before late 2012 and a bizon Box s2 connected via TB2 and an 1080 TI. I received a frame rate of 59 frames with high details. Tested resident evil demo in 4K and full details worked smooth like butter. Now I have a razer Laptop from 2018 which hast TB3 and a better whole internal System then the macbook had. And it won’t go over 40 Frames no matter which setup I use. 4K or 1080p its always 40 Frames. Even Wolfenstein does not run smooth. This can’t be right. And has nothing to do with bottleneck in here. It definitely should reach approx the same like the mac with TB2 before. So 65-70 Frames in the Benchm. should be possible. It’s connected directly to my samsung 4K tv from the razer core V2 via HDMI.

    Any idea what could be the problem?

    Maybe I have to deactivate the internal graphics card in the system completely so the laptop can’t use it and the lanes will be free to transfer the bandwidth of the EGPU? I am lost here.

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Razer Core V2 (GTX 1080 TI) + razer Blade 15 (2019) i7 8th gen 16GB Internal GTX 1060 Max Q

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@tidus787, Hey man, I'm having a similar problem, did you get to fix it?


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