[Linux][Mac][Windows] Advices and help with my build [Aktio + 6700 XT]
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[Linux][Mac][Windows] Advices and help with my build [Aktio + 6700 XT]  


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Hello everyone,

First of all props for the awesome community that you've built there, I used this site A LOT when deciding to go to for a eGPU setup. Right now I'm on the middle of a crossroad to decide what to do next with it.

You probably have noticed that are 3 OSs, that is not by mistake as I'm all about the flexibility that an eGPU can provide, however I think is time for me to make a decision.

I own 2 laptops.

Dell 13" XPS 9370 with Ubuntu linux and Windows 10 Education Edition.
MacBook Pro 2020 13" (Intel based)

And 2 eGPU enclosures.

- Aktio node with a Gigabyte RX 6700 XT
- Aorus GTX1070

My setup includes a Dell UltraSharp 24" USB-C Monitor where I connect all my cables. allowing me to use only one usb-c connection to get all my peripherals, keyboard, ethernet, sound card, etc...
That works wonders, as I have yet another computer just for working which allows me to quickly change between working and personal time.

When I want to do some gaming, what I do is add another USB-C cabe to the tb port of any of the computers to one of the enclosures, just to be clear I only use one of them at a time. That enclosure connects to the monitor via DisplayPort and I turn off the USB-C display output on the given OS.

Before I only used the Aorus enclosure, which worked wonderfully in both Linux and Windows, but unfortunately because of the whole MacOS debacle it could not be used there. As I was keen to also have it working on my MacOS I ended up getting a RX 6700XT, and to my surprise it was the model forgotten on the last MacOS driver update. There were rumours last year about it coming to the MBP 16", but they might have taken the later models as of now. 

Besides that, my Linux will not boot properly with the enclosure connected, the Gnome interface just freezes and will not show anything.
In Win10 it connects and work perfectly, however my keyboard simply stops working, and I'm suspecting it is because of too much pressure on the usb-c I/O bus since I also connect Ethernet and my other peripherals on it, but I might be just wrong.

I have a fell questions that I would like help with.

A) How can I debug and understand the issue in Linux? Does anyone have experience with tools to help understand those issues? I work with system administration, but I don't have any experience with Linux video or tb drivers, any docs or guidance will be awesome!

B) On windows 10 I would like to know the same, how can I understand if the issue is actually coming from a saturated bus, like what monitors would show me that?

C) This is more of an advice, I still can return my RX6700, do you think it is worth it? Or should I consider waiting until Apple comes with the drivers?

Let me know if there is any further information I can provide.

Thanks a lot! 

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For getting it working in linux I first try booting without the egpu and then hotplugging the egpu after you have gotten to the desktop so you don't get stuck as you've found. To be clear, the card won't be fully working after you've hot-plugged it, but you should be able to see the enclosure with the command:


and make sure it is authorized. The card should also show up in the output of lspci.

If both of those work then I would check to make sure you have the firmware for the card correctly installed. The easy way would be to install the amdgpu-pro drivers and see if that fixes it.

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