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MacBook Pro iGPU only + Bootcamp + RX580 Gaming Box + External Monitor. What's t...

MacBook Pro iGPU only + Bootcamp + RX580 Gaming Box + External Monitor. What's the trick to make it work?  


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Hey guys,

I have been happily using my  RX580   Gaming Box  with an external monitor under a  macbook pro  iGPU only + mojave for a while now. It is all butter smooth, no issues whatsoever under any circumstance. 

Recently though I tried installing Windows 10 with Bootcamp and for my surprise, the eGPU will not work. If I plug it in before choosing "Windows" in the boot manager, I get a black screen in both macbook and external monitor. If I plug the eGPU after I'm inside Windows, the macbook screen works normally but nothing happens with the external monitor, it doesn't recognize the eGPU at all. Finally, if I use the custom EFI boot flashsdrive method, no matter when I plug the eGPU, I only get the internal screen to turn on.

I remember having read months ago about some tricks on when to plug the eGPU, as well as messing with drivers and Windows settings, but I thought those would only apply for macbooks with discrete graphics. I was really under the impression that integrated graphics would make my setup in Windows as smooth as it is in Mojave.

Can anyone give me a hand in making this work?

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i have the new macbook pro with only discrete graphics on board and i'm using a node pro egpu w/ rtx 2080 with external monitor.
i'm running windows 10 on bootcamp.

for me now, i can leave the thunderbolt plugged in with laptop off and just boot up the macbook and it automatically recognizes the egpu and external monitor. the laptop will be black besides the microsoft logo.

if i do the hot plug technique i'm able to use my laptop screen with the EGPU and external monitor for two screens.

i didn't do anything special to the bios. just update the graphics drivers, windows update, and the intel EGPU driver updates.

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Guys, I see your models in your signature but best be explicit which MacBook you are trying to set up because every year has a different method. 

Your best bet would be to check out build guides with your MacBook...

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For me it works ok most of the time, although I have issues with wireless keyboard and mouse from time to time. I keep an old usb keyboard and mouse handy to use in those cases. I use w10 1809 on an external ssd with an external monitor . The way I usually do it is boot to w10, connect the gaming box. W10 asks for a reboot and after reboot sometimes it seems that nothing happens but if you press enter the login window appears on the second screen. My mbp screen is black. I noticed that having the gaming box and external ssd on opposite tb3 ports gives me less trouble but It might be my impression.

ps I have only tried windows with the 2018 model

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