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MBP 15 2017 + Mantiz + RX580 + Win10 (updated)

MBP 15 2017 + Mantiz + RX580 + Win10 (updated)  


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Hello there, 

Noticed, that many people having issues with similar configuration in bootcamp - error 12,43, etc. 
Might my experience will help somebody.

At first try i installed drivers for dgpu and then egpu - as a result i see only black screen for all 3 monitors - no matter what i do. Only windows re-install helped. 
- fresh bootcamp install,
- DDU for remove bootcamp drivers for RP560
- reboot
- connect egpu (RX580)
- install latest amd drivers

As a result everything seems to be fine, except RP560 with out drivers, but this is not too critical.

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Macbook Pro 2017 (RP560) + Mantiz Venus + Vega64 Air

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I got this without a clean install, only removing the RP560 drivers with DDU and installing the default AMD RX580 drivers. But this will leave you without dGPU acceleration if you're on the go.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar 2017 15" + Mantiz Venus MZ-02 + AMD Radeon Vega 64