MBP Mid 2017 - 970 GTX Intermittent Freezing Problems
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MBP Mid 2017 - 970 GTX Intermittent Freezing Problems  


Seb Shelley
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Hi Guys,

I have a GTX970 with Akito Node Running with a Nvida GTX 970. I'm running Windows 10 1803 utilising refind and apple_set_os.efi on a Mid 2017 MBP Touch Bar. I also made sure to install DDU and uninstall all the drivers that are automatically installed and prevent future installation of drivers.

This setup seemed to be willingly working at first, I tried multiple reboots just to confirm this. I then let it sit for an hour. Seemed fine, however, once I installed a few apps and such the system started to freeze and glitch randomly after only a few minutes. Then it would barely boot into Windows (with graphical glitches). Now it won't even recognise the EGPU anymore.

I'm pretty sure this is a software issue as I have gone back and redone the process with similar results. Seems to work fine for a while then kaboom, issues galore.

Has anybody else run into similar problems with any known fixes?

Edit: I installed DDU and removed the drivers before and selected the option to prevent automatic driver installation.

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