My Laptop Detected the eGPU but can't use the eGPU on any software
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My Laptop Detected the eGPU but can't use the eGPU on any software  


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hey guys,this is my first post and i need your help.


so i've the Razer Core X hooked to my Acer VN7-592g with GTX 970,the problem is the eGPU is detected by the device manager,like this,

but i can't use the eGPU on any software(i've tried with games,pcsx2,and Blender) but the GTX 970 is detected in GPU-z and if i disable the dGPU(GTX 960M) the eGPU shows 0 Mhz,

and even if i try to use DDU to clean uninstall the gpu driver and reinstall the driver,it keeps installing the driver for GTX 960m(even if i already disable the x16 port).


any help will be appreciated

i've tried:

disabling the dGPU

updating windows

using DDU

updating drivers


sorry for my bad english 😀

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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@kaitodeluxe, Make sure to open OPTIONS in DDU and check the box that prevents Windows from auto search and install drivers for new devices. You can then manually install the drivers for the GTX 970 eGPU. Are you using an external monitor connected to the eGPU?


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