[NEED HELP] Dell XPS 9350 + Gaming box RX 580

[NEED HELP] Dell XPS 9350 + Gaming box RX 580  


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Hi everybody,

I hope that I’m posting this in the right place since this is my first post. 
so I have a Dell Xps 9350 and a gaming box rx580 , running with external monitor connected and the iGpU disabled. But I’m receiving a bit low on gaming performance. Tried to switch the cable to the one from Apple but that didn’t help a lot! Like for example in Apex Legends the performance is just around 20-55 maximum on lowest setting 1080p. 
Did some research online and some say that Nvidia cards perform better than amd in term of eGpu. So I’m thinking of open the box and switch the card to gtx 1060 /1070 but still not sure if that help with the performance!

If anyone experiencing same issues and figured out the solution or have any advice here will be much appreciated!

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Can you post actual performance numbers in Unigine Valley and Heaven for example? By disabling iGPU, do you mean the Nvidia discrete card?

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