New Build Dell 9570 + Razer Core X Chroma + AMD RX 480 Problems
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New Build Dell 9570 + Razer Core X Chroma + AMD RX 480 Problems  


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Hi all,

I have a Dell XPS 15 9570 with Intel i9 9850H, 32GB Ram, Intel 630 + Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti Max-Q, Windows 10 Pro (20H2; 19042.746).  Having purchased a Razer Core X Chroma with a Sapphire RX480 4GB graphics card (stop-gap until 3080 becomes avilable), I have not been able to use the e-gpu due to driver errors.

I have been through the recommended procedures, i.e. disable the 1050 (including the pci express) and disablle automatic driver installtion and then installed the latest AMD drivers, however, the graphics card is installed with a yellow warning "!".  When I disconnect the egpu and then re-connect (without restart) it is fine, however, the AMD radeon settings/control panel cannot be opened.  Also in Task Manager, the gpu is not displayed meaning incorrect installation.

Reading quite a lot of material, this seems to ber a common issue, but not sure how people have overcome this.  I believe this is a driver issue/installation issue.


The egpu works fine with ethernet, usb devices, hot swapping, connected and then booted or live connected (when windows is loaded) without problems.


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