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Newbie - little lost where to start?

[Solved] Newbie - little lost where to start?  


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I have been looking through the mass of info on this site and i am a little overwhelmed.

I have a 2017 Macbook Pro with Touch bar and it has the latest Catalina OS. I also have a Razer Core X chrome EGPU enclosure with a AMD Vega 64 card.

This all works fine in OSX.

I have a 48Gb Boot Camp portion with a fresh install of 1903 Windows 10 Pro. I have used DDU to remove the dGPU AMD driver.

Now i am stuck where to go next to get the APU working on Windows so i can game.

Looked at the Bootcamp egpu setup guide, but it seems REFIbootmanager is not working for Catalina?

Anyone point me in the right direction please.

Also is the Boot Camp support Software 5.1.5722 really that latest? That is from 2015?


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@ikilby I’d recommend using automate-eGPU EFI if rEFInd doesn’t work for you. I have the same 2017 13″ TouchBar MacBook Pro and it works well in Windows 10 1903 version 19362.418. Take a look at some information of the Device Manager in this post if you encounter error 12.


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