NUC8i7HVB intel nuc hades canyon - razer chroma egpu - no longer boots directly
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NUC8i7HVB intel nuc hades canyon - razer chroma egpu - no longer boots directly  


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hey all


i hope you can help


everything is updated to the latest software via intel utility 


i have a hades skull canyon model: NUC8i7HVB and a razer chroma egpu - its connectes via the thunderbolt and a display port - previously i could switch on the nuc and it would power on the display and the graphics card, but since doing an update to the bios 0067 ( i assume its this)  i can no longer boot up the nuc, it brings me the error on start up to enter bios or try nbd start with previous settings, but this doesnt work


the work around i have found is connecting via hdmi directly from the nuc to one of my monitors and it boots up windows... and the graphic card / razer chroma is found and the 2nd connected display (display port) then works...


in the bios i have to disable boot from thunderbolt as it then goes in a loop


i have also noticed in device manager (tried to update/uninstall) but nothing happens


unknown usb device

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

A request for the USB device descriptor failed.



i have also tried reflashing the bios, but its the same issue

tried reflashing an older bios, but it says it was incompatible (a bios i found online, not sure if that the correct model, although i did search, but i dont think i can downgrade)

the help i would need is getting the intel nuc to boot just via the external gpu and the connected displays to that?


thank you in advance



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