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Question on the 2017 mbp with eGPU connected to external minitor

Question on the 2017 mbp with eGPU connected to external minitor  


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I have a vega 56 connected to a external monitor with HDMI, while the mantiz egpu hub is connected to MBP with TB3 on the right side. 

well, I basically DDU-ed the dGPU, then connected the eGPU, and made the vega 56 driver updated from device manager troubleshooting. Although it seems to run smoothly, when I checked the AMD setting app, it didn't show the current driver number, so I wonder if it is really working and do I need to disable the PCI-1901, so then I could re-install the driver from AMD website? 

my windows is 1803, and mbp is mid 2017 ver with touch bar

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If you don't plan on using the eGPU to accelerate the internal display, you can leave PCIe Controller 1901 enabled. The 2017 MacBook Pro has Large Memory allocation so it helps resolve error 12 for your RX Vega 56 eGPU. As far as Radeon Settings I'd say download and install the latest drivers to see if it works better.

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