Quiet profile on HP Command Center disappears when plugging in an eGPU (Spectre ...
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Quiet profile on HP Command Center disappears when plugging in an eGPU (Spectre x360 14)  


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Hello, any HP Spectre x360 14 has the Quiet profile under HP Command Center, which is a mode I use frequently. However, when I want to use an external GPU with the Thunderbolt 3 connection, the Quiet profile disappears from HP Command Center. The only way to make it appear again is to disconnect the external GPU, but then I have to choose between eGPU or Quiet profile when I want to use both. Picture below on how it looks. 




I would like a fix to this as I do not only game when connected to an eGPU since I use 2 monitors connected to my eGPU and for normal use the fans turn on regularly if the Quiet profile is not enabled. I tried disabling HPSysInfoCap.exe to see if maybe I can trick the Quiet profile into appearing and it doesn't work. HP must have configured Spectre laptops to automatically disappear the Quiet profile when detecting a dedicated GPU of any kind when this is in reality an external GPU. Help on this matter would be appreciated. All of my drivers are up to date and I have no HP driver updates in HP Assistant Manager. Nor does reinstalling HP Command Center fix this. Using Smart Sense or Balanced mode does not reduce fan noise as much as the Quiet profile, so those aren't solutions to my problem either.

Note: have tried all different BIOS versions and none of them solve this issue. For a laptop that gets the fans revving pretty quick in normal browsing, it's surprising no one has mentioned this issue before. 

Reddit thread I had made on the issue prior to posting here


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