Random Freezes with repeated sound.
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Random Freezes with repeated sound.  


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today I'm here to talk about my experience and a problem that's hunting me for over a  year and half of owning an egpu. 

so let's just start by saying that I have Mid 2014 13' MacBook Pro.

so at the beginning I started with gt 770, Akitio Thunderbolt 2 it was a low end card, but non the less it was working well. 

I was excited for an upgrade so I got myself a GTX 680 I used purge-wrangler for Mac OS and refind for windows the card was recognized inside of both operations systems but every time I tried to push that card to do something windows was freezing with a repeating sound, in case of Mac OS it was just restarting. 

at that point I tried another PSU from a friend that I'm sure it's perfectly working well without any problems and the problem still happened.

so I took that card placed in a pc and tried to push it with gaming and other stress test apps and the card was completely fine never froze no hangs whatsoever.

so I came back home reinstalled windows, DDU, anything that I could think of I did try it. no luck fixing the issue. 


at that time I though it's time for upgrade coz I was desperate about this freezing issue. 

and I actually broke my internal ssd because of that freezing issue. it happened so many times which made the ssd fail, and I literally read every article that every reddit suggestion that I come across, and in here I read all the builds with the same specs or similar specs and I did it nothing worked. 


so damage was done it was time to upgrade to a gtx 970 the down side is that I won't be able to use that card on Mac OS. 

but in windows it worked well no freezing no anything, I could leave my MacBook for day's. 

I used it for around good 6 month never had any problems with it. 


and then I decided to upgrade to RX 580 Sapphire nitro + 8 gb thinking gtx 970 worked 580 would be even better. 

I used Purge-wrangler and the card worked in Mac OS. 

in windows I removed Nvidia GPU drivers using DDU

and tried to boot with windows eGPU cold plugged it didn't work. so I had to install rEfind

booted eGPU cold plugged recognized on Device manager no problems. 

I installed the official drivers everything seems fine. 


then out of the sudden freezing with repeating sound.

at this point I tried

-DDU drivers and install them again

-underclocking the card

-installing bootcampdrivers while following their instructions 


so I restarted into Mac OS tried to push it as much as possible benchmarks, heaven, games. 

it never freeze or restarts so that mean everything hardware wise is good. but I can't make it stable on windows.


I'm tired of that for real, and I just want it work, too much for plug and play for godsake.

well that's my story if you can help me fix that I would be glad. 


and without this forum I wouldn't actually have went that far. TY guys.




GT 770 Works in both Mac OS and windows But freezing with a repeated sound at any given load

GTX 680 Works in both Mac OS but restarts at any given load, on windows it was freezing with a repeated sound. * but in a PC it was working absolutely normal*

GTX 970 Works only in windows worked perfectly fine without any issues. 

RX580 Works in Mac OS Perfectly without any problems, in windows freezing with repeated sound randomly even if there's no load on the gpu.

 Also all those card I tested them with a PSU from friends that works well in their setup.

even tried those cards on their PC's and they worked fine.


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