Razer Blade 2018 Base + AMD Radeon VII
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Razer Blade 2018 Base + AMD Radeon VII  


Janson Cruz
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Hello all,

Earlier this year, I upgraded my old laptop and got a 2018 Razer Blade Base with a Core X that holds a Radeon VII. I was able to get it working for the most part but I ran into a couple of issues.

I've gotten this setup knowing that there would be a performance hit on the card due to the bottleneck associated with TB3/laptop CPU, but some games give me really dismal performance. I can get BFV to run around 60 FPS if I play in 16:9 900p low-medium. Destiny 2 runs around 45-50 FPS at 2560*1080 medium. Division 2 Runs at 40-50 FPS at the same resolution with the medium preset, this basically trends for most of the games I own. Few other games, like Borderlands 3, runs at 80-90 FPS at 3440*1440 high, however, and the 2019 Modern Warfare runs at 120 FPS at 80% 1440p render resolution at medium-high settings, except on ground war which will not go over 20 FPS. Additionally, Civ 6 runs at 90-100 on 1440 wide high.

Further still, Forza Horizon 3 and 4 defaults to the discrete laptop GPU, and if I disable it in device manager the game immediately crashes on startup. Rainbow Six Siege blue screens if I attempt to run it without the laptop GPU enabled as well. 

Also, the discrete laptop 1060 runs these games on par with, if not better than the Radeon sometimes. But the rationale was using the egpu to outperform the 1060 while plugged and light gaming while out, guess I should've gotten an advanced blade model or built something equivalent at that point.

It's understandable that the VII kind of works out better with more workstation oriented performances, and it eats applications like Blender and Vegas Pro like they're nothing. Lightroom and other adobe applications crash immediately if I enable GPU acceleration though.


I'm currently downloading benchmark software so I can see specifically where I stand performance wise as well, but the numbers I've gotten in games kinda serve as a reference.

Razer Core X / AMD Radeon VII (19.12.3 drivers) / Razer Blade 15 Base (2018) / 16GB RAM / 2TB HDD / 256GB SSD

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Razer’s automatic CPU thermal throttling 🥵 scheme seems to be a disappointing constraint on Blades’ TB3 connection to (otherwise) top-performing graphics cards.

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