Request: Testing on Windows with XPS 9575 + eGPU (preferred AMD)
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Request: Testing on Windows with XPS 9575 + eGPU (preferred AMD)  


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Hi everyone!

I've been trying to work with Dell support to identify an issue with eGPUs and the XPS 9575 (2 in 1).  My current hypothesis is that there's a BIOS bug causing OS independent problems, but they would like to rule this out by having somebody running Windows 10 conduct some testing.  More specifically I believe there's an ACPI BIOS bug which is causing the TB to PCI bridges not to get the correct BAR resources allocated.

Unfortunately, I've actually had to return my RX 580 - so I was unable to conduct testing on Windows 10 (my primary OS is Linux ATM).

Is there anybody out there running an XPS 9575 (2 in 1) with an eGPU that might be willing to report back on their experiences.  One Windows user with an XPS 9575 + eGPU on reddit reported some strange issues (sound hitching, etc.) that might also be explained by an upstream BIOS bug.

Here are some additional threads regarding this issue:

Reddit: (Linux Forums):

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from some of my Windows brethren!

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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