Resolution scaling issues between 3200x1800 laptop screen and 1920x1080 monitor
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Resolution scaling issues between 3200x1800 laptop screen and 1920x1080 monitor  


Saavan Rijsinghani
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I have the Razer blade stealth 2018 going through the Razer Core X to my monitor through my Aorus 1080ti. I'm having issues where certain programs are not scaling properly when I switch back and become abnormally small on my screen to a point where I can barely read anything on the window. Is this something I could fix? Has anyone else had this issue? Or is this just something the software provider needs to address?

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The problem is not entirely clear to me. Does the problem happen when you scale your 3200x1800 laptop screen to 1080p, or just by having a 1080p monitor connected? Have you tried to check the Windows scaling setting when the problem occurs? It might revert you to 100% scaling, which may be too small for you. If this happens, then you can likely cook up a batch file that would set it to whatever value you desire at the click of an icon (most windows settings can be programmed via the command line).

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