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RTX 2080 eGPU OpenGL issues  


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Does anyone have any experience with running the new RTX 2080 cards on windows? I'm getting spotty OpenGL support it seems. Modo 12.2, doesn't seem to recognize 2080 at all. It displays an openGL error with no text at launch and just runs choppy viewports with a very low-res interface. Maya and 3DS max seem to recognize it alright. Blender won't run at all, throwing an OpenGL error at launch and then just freezing. Also, Nvidia has 20 series drivers for notebooks and desktops should I be using the driver for notebooks or for desktop as an eGPU?

My setup:
Dell XPS 9575 15" touchscreen laptop
Razer Core X  enclosure
Nvidia RTX 2080 
Apple .8 meter Thunderbolt 3 cable

Built-in graphics:
AMD Raedon RX Vega M GL Graphics (disabled)
Intel HD Graphics 630

Nvidia RTX2080 driver 418.91 (most recent)
Modo 12.2
Blender 2.79

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To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.