Running inbuilt and external GPU simultaneously for two different displays?
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Running inbuilt and external GPU simultaneously for two different displays?  


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Hi guys! I am new here. 
So recently I purchased a Razer Core X and put an MSI RTX 2080 TI gaming X trio into it (granted I had to swap out the power supply as the original one didn’t have enough pin connectors). Now my laptop does have a GTA 1080 inbuilt (but laptop is thin profile so performance and thermals weren’t great) and now I get an NVIDIA GPU activity thing we’re i can see what programs are running on which gpu. Most of the time everything is running on the 2080 but sometimes some programs like the a ‘sleeper’ instance of Skype is shown as running on the 1080. So i was wondering if it is possible to have my 1080 display the laptop screen and 2080 ti display to my external display so that, for example, i can have my game running on the external display on 2080 ti and my discord window or perhaps stream comments or something else displayed on the laptop screen but running on the 1080, so as not to strain 2080 ti unnecessarily?

Sorry, I know this is a bit convoluted. Thaks in advance!

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