Slow eGPU initialization time after reboot while connected?
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Slow eGPU initialization time after reboot while connected?  


Francis Maclang
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Specs: Razer Book 13, Razer Core X Chroma, GTX 1060 3 GB, AOC C24G1 24" Curved Monitor, Razer Viper Ultimate, Razer Huntsman Mini, Razer Blackshark V2 Pro

Hello everyone!

So whenever I reboot my laptop with the eGPU plugged in, it will show the extended desktops, but it won't show the taskbar/allow me to open any applications, and the main desktop looks very zoomed in. This will go on for about 4-5 minutes, before finally the desktops fix themselves and show the taskbar, but the icon for disconnecting the eGPU isn't in the hidden icons tray. I have my main display set to the external monitor when connected to the eGPU.

On the other hand, sometimes when I hot-plug the eGPU after reboot, it won't display any output to the external monitor, the taskbar is still visible, but I can't click on the start menu, taskbar icons, can't do Alt + F4 to bring up the power off options, etc. for about 4-5 minutes also.

Is this just the eGPU having a slow intialization time or is this potentially being caused by something else?

[UPDATE 1] Just hot-plugged the eGPU from a cold-boot, and it showed both desktops just fine contrary to the previously mentioned scenario, however this time the taskbar still showed the same behavior; 4-5 minutes before functioning like normal and responding to clicks again.

[UPDATE 2] After some more troubleshooting and testing, I figured that the problems were in the USB ports of the Razer Core X Chroma.

- Without anything plugged in (No Mouse, No Keyboard, No Ethernet), it works fine when booting up with eGPU plugged in. 

- With just Ethernet plugged in (No Mouse, No Keyboard), it works fine when booting up with eGPU plugged in.

- With Ethernet and Mouse plugged in (No Keyboard), it works fine when booting up with eGPU plugged in.

- With Ethernet, Mouse, and Keyboard plugged in, all the aforementioned problems come back.

Kinda sucks that having an all in one setup is causing these issues, will continue to test, troubleshoot, and research until I come across a solution that I can be satisfied with.

[UPDATE 3] So it turns out, all the other peripherals work perfectly fine except the keyboard. All the issues I was experiencing came solely from the Razer Huntsman Mini keyboard. After further testing of plugging in each peripheral one by one, I found that my Mouse, Wireless Headset, Ethernet, and Headset USB Charging Cable do not cause any of the mentioned issues, and in fact boot up the system perfectly fine with all the previously mentioned peripherals connected at once. It all boils down to the Keyboard, my Razer Huntsman Mini. I've also further tested this out by connecting my old Logitech K120 Keyboard instead of the Razer Hunstman Mini, and it also boots up perfectly fine alongside every other previously mentioned working peripherals.

So it doesn't suck so much, meaning I can soon have a one cable setup, as soon as I figure out why the Razer Huntsman Mini is causing these issues... Would anyone happen to have any hints or ideas as to why this is so?

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