So what is the plan long term for Windows?
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So what is the plan long term for Windows?  


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I've had my windows paralysed to version 1809 for months and months, waiting for a version to come out that will support eGPU's. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? I never thought the issue would persist for more than a few weeks yet here we are almost a year later right?

I think in general the software support for eGPU is awful, and is the biggest factor pushing me away from my current set up. Anyone think the same?


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I dont follow developments that closely, but you should definitely look around for more information. As far as I know, there isn't a need to stay on 1809. Personally I had no problems with 1909, and recently updated to 20H2, also no problems. 


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I've been opted-in to the beta channel of insider for a long time, never experienced any problems with my eGPU or Windows 10 in general. Seems perfectly stable to me. I suppose YMMV as it's not like I have not seen news once in a while about some bug of some sort, I just haven't seen them myself, and I'm obviously closer to the bleeding edge than major release distributions to general availability.

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