Stability issue with GTX1070, not with GTX1060

Stability issue with GTX1070, not with GTX1060  


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Hey guys, I had zero problems with my Late 2013" Macbook Pro 13" with Akitio2 and EVGA GTX1060 6GB and Dell-DA2 psu. Recently I bought KFA2 GeForce GTX1070 OC Mini 8192MB GDDR5, but ever since my system got random BSODs after gaming or running 3dmark benchmarks.

Error that I am getting is; video_tdr_failure caused by nvlddmkm.sys

If I switch back to GTX1060, everything works, the Win10 installation is fresh with nothing on it, just games and drivers.

I tried every suggested fix that I could find, none works for me. What gives? Is my GPU bad. I still have time to RMA it.

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