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Sudden Code43 error for 2016 13" Touch Bar MBP - Razer Core X|AKiTiO Node - Nvid...

Sudden Code43 error for 2016 13" Touch Bar MBP - Razer Core X|AKiTiO Node - Nvidia 1070|1080ti in Bootcamp Windows 10  


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I wonder if anyone is having this problem.  After a long period of stability, I am no longer able to get my 2016 13" Touch Bar MBP to work with Windows 10 in Bootcamp, even now after a clean install of both Mojave, Windows 10, and Nvidia drivers. I get error43 whether I'm using the 1070 or 1080ti with either the Razer or AKiTiO Node.  It's infuriating, actually.  I've run both cards in a Windows machine and it isn't the cards... so this is either some kind of driver problem or there's some other type of BIOS problem I've encountered/created.  I use EFI to load (as always), and it's not as if it doesn't recognize the cards and tell me which one is which, it just says Error 43 that the device is not working.

I've searched for a while to see if anyone else is having this issue... any suggestions?  I mean, after a clean wipe/install of both Mojave and Windows 10... I'm about to decide to not try this again for a year.

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I've had issues with having too many things plugged into my macbook pro 2016 13".  At least for the newest versions of windows 10 (1607 behaved better), I need to put the aorus 1070 box into the USB C port nearest the tab button, and my USB C to 4x USB A hub into the same side (to keyboard, wireless mouse, external SSD, and EFI boot USB key).  If I plug things into the opposite side, I get crashes and error 43.  Might be a power draw issue.  Haven't really figured it out.  Not sure if your setup would have the same problem.

2016 13" Macbook Pro TB + GTX1070@32Gbps-TB3 (Aorus Gaming Box) + macOS10.14 (waiting impatiently for web driver)+ Win10 (using goalque EFI boot, Thanks!)