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Thinkpad P1 Gen 2 Code 12 Error

[Solved] Thinkpad P1 Gen 2 Code 12 Error  


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I bought a Thinkpad P1 Gen 2 (i7 9750h, T1000) for an insanely good price few weeks back. Wanted to install an eGPU in it (vega 56 (flashed 64) and razer core X). Using it on a 2k ultrawide

So I hooked the eGPU up, drivers installed fine but crash when I tried to load them up. Device manager says code 12 error.

Lenovo support (the technical department) weren't of much help over the phone nor email and basically said: ye we haven't tested anything we don't care.

I want to fix this problem before the end of the week so  I can still return it.

Due to the laptop being this new I can't rollback to the previous windows version and see if it fixes the code 12, as 1903 could cause that error. I can't find a link to the 18362.295 iso. So I tried it on Linux, dual booted with windows which was a pain and bascially ubuntu just fully crashes when I try to do anything with the drivers and eGPU.


I'm a bit out of options and don't know where to start further. I really want to get it working so I can go on.

Thanks in advance.


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The Win10 1903 V1 ISO is OS Build 18362.30. Once you have it installed on your Thinkpad P1, make sure to disable Windows automatic updates. Either 1903 or 1809 can be downloaded on Microsoft website –

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