Thunderbolt Control Center vs Intel Thunderbolt Software
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[Solved] Thunderbolt Control Center vs Intel Thunderbolt Software  

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Getting there! After today's try, for 1st time I was able to see T Controller 1 with details in T Control Center!

But box still didn't show up there when I plugged in T3 cord to gaming box, then plugged in box to power (unplugged for half hour).

But good news I can see drivers in T Control Center and even T Controller 1 with generation T3 15D2, 2 ports, no security, firmware  40.0


1st) I installed back Microsoft Store app (i found I uninstalled while ago) so I was able to download newest Thunderbold Control Center

2)erased all tb's in Windows

3)erased Thunderbolt software

4)add NUC's driver 1.41.769.0 to "base system"

5)installed T Control Center from MS store


wish I knew hot to add picture here (no link)


What is the next step? Anyone has an idea?

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I'm using a Lenovo T490 and Sonnet Breakaway Box. I keep running into an error that "Thunderbolt device functionality may be limited." I know I'm using a 40gbps cable, and I know I'm using the thunderbolt 3 port.

The device manager will even list the Breakaway box, but I can't get the Thunderbolt Control Center to show it - it almost seems like it doesn't recognize that it is a thunderbolt device. 

Any advice? 

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@itsage, So i can't seem to find the Thunderbolt in device manager. When i try to update the thunderbolt to the one you metioned, it gives me an error and says can't update

I have a AMD rx580 as my eGPU [Late 2016 MacBook Pro 15”]. I can’t use it because I can’t download the Thunderbolt Control control center. I’ve seen guides by @itsage but the thunderbolt thing in Device Manager is not listed there. So I can’t update the old thunderbolt drivers Boot Camp gives us. Which means my eGPU is not going to work.

I’ve tried so many things to downloading thunderbolt stuff for the NUC, trying the stuff from dell’s website but nothing seems to work. I can’t get the thunderbolt control center to download. How can I download the control center?

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@imjonathont, Pleas provide your full list of equipment and which Boot Camp setup procedure you had tried. Thunderbolt Control Center is not required to get the Thunderbolt 3 eGPU working with a Mac in Boot Camp.


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Hey guys, my apologies on the bump but I thought I should let you know Lenovo appear to offer an Intel Thunderbolt Firmware Upgrade Utility package on their website that includes both the DCH and non-DCH Firmware Upgrade tools (And respective "Detect" utilities that are required to "Wake up" the Thunderbolt Controller so it is visible to the OS - Useful if you have no Thunderbolt peripherals at hand, although this might be Lenovo-specific as I believe their custom Embedded Controller is what controls the Thunderbolt Controller's power state).

They've only made this (Non-)DCH Combo Package available for the ThinkPad T480 (As can be seen from the chart here on their "Critical Intel Thunderbolt Software and Firmware Updates - ThinkPad" webpage), despite other models using identical, or otherwise compatible Thunderbolt Controllers too (I believe it only exists because they pushed it to the public by accident as confirmed by a Lenovo employee, so they decided to just honour it for the T480 model that was affected).


As the DCH drivers can be installed on computer models without official DCH drivers provided by the manufacturer (ThinkPad or other computer brands/models with compatible Thunderbolt Controllers), I would assume this DCH Firmware Utility could be used to upgrade the Thunderbolt Controller's Firmware when using these DCH drivers unofficially, similar to the Update Utility for Lenovo's Thunderbolt docks that Stefan Lachev provided earlier in this thread.

My basis is this is probably just another "generic" Update Utility too, requiring the 'TBT.BIN' and 'ASSISTTBT.BIN' files in the package to be deleted and replaced with your model's own ('ASSISTTBT.BIN' anyway, in my instance there is no 'TBT.BIN' file to flash in the official, non-DCH Firmware Update Utility for my model, so I guess if it's not present, the Updater will just skip it).


You guys are the experts though. Do you think this could be used to upgrade the Thunderbolt Controller Firmware when using the DCH drivers unofficially? Its file contents and structure is different from the Thunderbolt Dock's earlier in this thread, such as appearing to have references to Lenovo's T480 model specifically (Such as "20_t480.txt" which contents are literally just: "20, 20"), so unsure if they would influence anything, and seems to only be present for the DCH-version of the "Detect" utility, not the non-DCH version.

On a personal note, I'd quite like to use the Thunderbolt DCH drivers unofficially (And I Have a Lenovo ThinkPad P51 with "Thunderbolt(TM) Controller - 15D9", so would assume Lenovo's own Firmware Updater packages are the best to use), but not loose out on the potential to upgrade the Firmware at a later date, if made available on their website. I don't want to take a stab in the dark on what's the best way to go about that would be (I'm not at all savvy with Thunderbolt Controller Upgrades, it's quite new to me still, appearing to differ between manufacturers in implementation and don't want to "Brick" the Controller!), so thought I'd ask here. Or is the Firmware Update Utility originally for Lenovo's Thunderbolt Dock a better choice? Thank you in advance and my apologies it's not strictly Macbook related!

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