Tracking Down why my 10th Gen Razer Blade advanced is a bad eGPU host/Startling ...
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Tracking Down why my 10th Gen Razer Blade advanced is a bad eGPU host/Startling discovery  


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My Razer recently developed a case of the bends.. and no I don't mean the battery bends. I mean when I pick up my laptop in the top right corner with one hand, the stress causes the wifi card to disappear. In order to get it back I have to pull the battery. I tested different wifi cards pulled from working laptops and it seems to be a motherboard issue. Anyways, Razer nor amazon will help me even though it's only 3 months old so I've gone back to my old HP 840 G5 as my gaming machine. 


This means I've dusted off my 2070 eGPU. Warzone is my main game and we all know this game HATES eGPUs, or does it? I believe there are 3 main reasons warzone performance is so horrible. 


1) 1Rx8 vs 2Rx16ram

2) eGPU cable length (yes a long cable hurts performance in warzone..)

3) CPU performance 


If you have a long cable with a slow cpu and cheap ram, warzone will perform horribly. I had all those boxes checked and I was getting anywhere around 30-60fps on all low. It was really frustrating as literally all my other games played great!  I swapped out my 2Rx16 32GB sticks of ram (64GB) with 1Rx8 16GB sticks and this improved performance by roughly 10-15%. (Single rank ram has lower latency and since thunderbolt is a DMA connection I can imagine this lowering thunderbolts overall latency as well) I also changed from my 10foot thunderbolt 3 cable to my 1 foot stock cable that came with my eGPU and that netted me another 20-30% performance. Maybe a longer cable introduces more latency? Now I am getting 60-100fps just with those changes! you might think it has something to do with my 2x lane HP but my Razer has a 4x lane TB3 connection and it gets worse performance than my HP, i still can't explain that. Sitting on the menu of warzone on my razer, the FPS is around 70, on my HP it's 110+. These are all low settings fyi. 


My Razer has an 8 core CPU and my HP has a quad core. The performance stats show my CPU time never goes below 15ms on my razer in warzone but on my HP I can get down to 6ms. 


both machines are fresh installed with the lately nvidia driver. My rant is over, thunderbolt is great but also super annoying as it's performance is all over the place! 

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Intel 8th to 10th generation H-CPUs don't have good Thunderbolt optimization. There are many examples of 8-core H systems performing worse than 4-core U systems. I'd recommend reading through @nando4's Thunderbolt 3 analysis for more details.

Other potentially affected builds can be found here

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