Win10 MacBook Pro 2017 Getforce 2060 RTX + external monitor problem.
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Win10 MacBook Pro 2017 Getforce 2060 RTX + external monitor problem.  


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So I have set up MacBook Pro from 2017 with gtx 2060 6gb and my external monitor. I am using also razer core x. I have already played many games and it works perfectly however. Once I boot into windows boot camp and connect first the cable then turn power on depending if my monitor is plugged in to the graphics card or not it will catch my windows. It doesn’t always crash. So let me clarify I do some stuff on Mac restart like you would holding option. ( my razer core x is plugged in with Thunderbolt 3 but I always turn it off) the boot in windows, login while at the desktop I turn my Razer core x on. Sometimes I have my monitor plugged in the graphics card and then it will crash, but it also crashed when it is not plugged in. Sometimes I have my usb C hub plugged in that seems to also crash it. So my question is what am I doing wrong, should I un plug everything before turning razer core on ? That includes USB C hub and hdmi cable. Thanks in advance.

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