Windows doesn't recognize any gpu after restart
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Windows doesn't recognize any gpu after restart  


Arnon Rosenzweig
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I'm a rookie in the eGPU world.

I had a lot of problems with setting up everything to work. I found most of the answers in the forum.

Now the only problem left is that sometimes I turn on my PC and it doesn't recognize any GPU, the external or the internal.

After restart it could wake with the same problem again. Shutting down and turning on manually solves the problem more consistently. 

More information and background:

I'm running a Windows insider version 2004 (19569.1000).

Hot plug doesn't work due to the Windows version, but formatting the drive to downgrade to 1903 is too much work,  so I'm ok with it.

I'v got a faulty cable (by Nekteck) so I switched to Razer's too short cable that works fine.

I turned off BitLocker so it wouldn't ask me the 48 digit code every time I start my PC.

Any ideas?

Lenovo Yoga 920
Intel Core i7 8550U
Razer Core X Chroma
AMD Radeon RX 590

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@arnon_rosenzweig, Have you looked into the BIOS and see whether there are Thunderbolt settings you can change?


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