X1C7 i7-8665U + GTX1660 Super + Razer Core X
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X1C7 i7-8665U + GTX1660 Super + Razer Core X  


Lee Davies
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I borrowed a GTX 1660 Super to see what they were capable of and to find out if a better GPU such as 2070 Super or 5700 XT would be usless with my 7th Gen X1 Carbon + Core X due to laptop CPU and TB3 limitations.

I have installed a few games such as GTA V, Tekken 7, MK11, Gears 5, Wolfenstein 2 and have been pretty impressed so far on this "1080p" gaming card.

At 2650x1440 I get a full 60 FPS on ultra settings for Tekken 7 and MK11.

At 3440x1440 I get 60 FPS @ with GTA V and Wolfenstein on high settings

However Gears 5 is a little more challenging: At 3440x1440 with a mix of mostly medium settings, a couple of high and an ultra I get an average of 59.1FPS but during campain the FPS is all over the place.  Multiplayer is a rock solid 60fps. 

I have set my CPU to a constant 3.1Ghz to avoid thermal throttling but I am little confused on whether the CPU /TB3 is hindering the FPS or is it simply because the GPU has reached its limits.  Common sense tells me its the GPU and even with a low powered ultrabook CPU I could still benefit by a GPU upgrade.

With Gears 5 benchmark, the GPU is bound at 99.69% and CPU Bound at @ 0.31%. See here for screen capture of Gears 5 benchmark. Someone might be able to make sense of the CPU renders and frame rates.

What do you think? If its definetely GPU then I will either get the 5700 XT and if the 2070 Super drops drastically in price then I will get that.  However its likely I will wait for NVidia's new GPU's in 2 weeks.

As you may have guessed my goal is to play pretty much all titles at 3440x1440 @ 60fps on ultra settings (or a minimum of high).


15" rMBP i7-8850H - Bootcamp W10 2004 - Razer Core X - GTX 1660 Super

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