XPS 13 9370: Power delivery limit?
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XPS 13 9370: Power delivery limit?  


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Hey everyone, quick question for anyone who knows what's going on.

So, for a while now, I've noticed that while my XPS 9370 manages to hold a stable 2.9GHz all cores sustained at about 78 degrees while gaming, it seems to only draw around 17 watts of power at that sustained load. However, throttlestop reports both PL1 and PL2 limits, even though they are set to 27W and 51W respectively (default from bios, no custom power limit).

Is there any reason the CPU doesn't just pull more power to clock itself higher? Pretty sure it's not a thermal issue, as I know for a fact the 9370 will be perfectly happy to let the temps to go all the way into the 90's for a sustained period of time on the "ultra performance" cooling profile, and throttlestop says nothing about throttling due to temps.

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