XPS 7390 2in1 fails to boot with Asus XG Station Pro + RX 5600XT
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XPS 7390 2in1 fails to boot with Asus XG Station Pro + RX 5600XT  


Matthias Hinrichs
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I was unable to make these devices work with each other, which is unfortunate as I like the look and silent design of the Asus enclosure. 

GPU is RX5600XT, laptop XPS 7390 2in1 i7/32GB/1TB

The XPS simply does not boot into the BIOS for a few minutes, if it finally starts no card is found. Some plug and play seems to make this work, I can install the AMD driver. On next reboot the card is not found again. I tried different bios thunderbolt settings and nothing made a difference.

The same GPU boots in the Powercolor Gaming Station immediately.

I am about to return the Asus enclosure unless someone here knows of a trick to make this work? 

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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@matthias_hinrichs, I've found certain laptops have firmware compatibility issues with eGPU enclosures and/or graphics cards. I'm been testing an HP Spectre x360 13" OLED with similar symptoms. When paired with an AMD eGPU, it would hang at preboot (black screen). I have boot without the eGPU connected then hot-plug in Windows Desktop. The laptop works fine with Nvidia eGPU.


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