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Xps 9560 + razer core-Titan X  


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hi guys, I just want to explain my setup and ask if you guys have any ideas on how I could optimize this and make it better for overall performance and ease of use.

currently, I have my dell XPS 9560 (7700HQ) set up with the original razer core with a Titan X (maxwell) installed.
I run an Asus mx279 27' monitor with the laptops screen still running as a second display. (i think closing display would make this setup faster ???)

I have the 1050m turned off because while it was on it was causing conflicting issues with the titan x.
side question will plugging in my router via ethernet slow this whole setup down due to bandwidth loss ?
i read also that the XPS series doesn't use 4 lane PCI-E, instead only using 2, and thus cutting my potential performance in half ??

any and all help is much welcome and thank you in advance ~~cheers

-dell XPS 9560 (7700HQ)
-razer core (gen 1)
-Titan x (maxwell) (reference card)
-gigabit internet (connected via ethernet)
-MX279 monitor (60 hertz refresh rate)

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Gaming at 1080p?

Lots of performance obstacles here. So...

Laptop surgery fun - Re-paste, undervolt, add thermal pads around the VRM (Voltage Regulator Modules) and heatsink.

Don’t loop back to the internal screen (since there’s only half the PCI lanes).

Don’t use the Core X Ethernet port. (It will be unreliable anyways)

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