Yoga 920 and Aorus 1070 are making me want to pull my hair out
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Yoga 920 and Aorus 1070 are making me want to pull my hair out  


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So I've been spending a ton of time haunting the forums and I haven't come across anyone describing the same problem as me. Basically what happens is the box will be going fine for anywhere from 5 minutes to maybe an hour in games and then it randomly crashes or shuts down, hard to say. The lights go out and fan stops spinning but I can still hear the psu going and the computer still knows something is connected but the 1070 is gone from display devices in the device manager. I should also mention that it never causes the computer to blue screen or anything though games will usually crash when they switch over to integrated.
My drivers on the box and the card are all up to date but I'm running the old BIOS driver on the computer after the new one wasn't working (not that this fixed anything). Has anyone else had a problem like this or maybe have idea what could be up? Thanks much

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