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Yoga 920 + Aorus 1080 gaming box (Not working, big issues?)

Yoga 920 + Aorus 1080 gaming box (Not working, big issues?)  


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I have posted on reddit a couple of times and now my first time here looking for help. My main issue is a constant blue screen and crashing when I use my gaming box on my yoga 920. It will work from anywhere from 20 seconds to a minute, but will crash.

Heres the details:

I have the Aorus gaming box 1080 and a yoga 920 hd screen 8 gigabytes of ram i7 8th gen processor. I get all sorts of error messages when I log in and use my gaming box but the newest one after I downloaded the new Yoga bios said Watchdog error of some sort. I know my 1080 is recognized by my laptop because Nvidia drivers pop up on device manager after plug in. I know it works briefly because I stream and my OBS doesn't work with the onboard gpu, but once I turn on my Gaming Box the streaming works. I can never really last long enough to do any testing as I crash very quickly. I also now that I think about may have realized the egpu does not crash my laptop until I do something that makes it run, so just me typing away or on the internet with egpu plugged in does not crash. Me running games crashes it.

ONE DAY I was able to play fortnite for about 1 hour and had zero issues...logged on the next day and continued to crash. I have no idea what I did different that day then I did now.

Can you guys shoot some suggestions please?

-I downloaded drivers for the egpu off NVidia and have also done it on gigabyte before (but ive factory reset since then and did NVidia the second time)

-I downloaded the firmware for the thunderbolt off gigabyte

-I had issues with old bios and now new yoga 920 bios introduced in March doesn't work with either

-I have an 8gb ram yoga...I am wondering if this is an issue

-I can crash with both the power cords of my pc and gaming box plugged in or with just the gaming box power running, using one or the other, or both has zero change (except for the day I played fortnite an hour was the first time I plugged both powers in)

-I am wondering if I should disable the onboard gaming card

Please any help!!

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Hi,i have face same problem like device: Yoga920 + gaming box GTX1080 .i found this issue maybe related to the my case,this laptop has double thunderbolt3 port, one of them link to gtx1080,another  one link to a thunderbolt 3 extension dock,this dock link a keyboard and  cable.Next,i can use 1080 with external display and working fine,looks perfect...But when i test some large game likes GTAV/Watch Dog,my  graphics card stop working frequently..

My solution
link the laptop power adapter to my thunderbolt 3 dock which connecting to my keyboard..because i found it has a PD power supply port.
so far,I haven't encountered the problem of crashes...

latest update on 2018/06/01
According to the above,it crashes again few days, i think it may not related to the power supply,because of the Gigabyte gaming box 1080 mentioned in the parameter that it can supply 100W power for the laptop.
Yesterday i try to playing GTAV using internal display,it never crashes,and then i connected the external display to the gaming box,it crashes again!After repeated tests, I got the conclusion,the reson of cause the laptop crashes when connecting the gaming box and playing game is the external monitor!!but i can confirm that my external monitor has own power supply and it work fine with PLAY STATION 4,so,I can rule out that this is a breakdown of the display. 
Can any one tell me why it crashes in gaming when using  external display
Look forward to anyone's help!

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