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eGPU with late 2016 MBP for deep learning

eGPU with late 2016 MBP for deep learning  


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 I've got a late 2016 15" MBP that I'd like to add an eGPU to. Everything I've read has said that to use an eGPU with these machines you have to use an external monitor. However, I'm not going to be using it for graphic acceleration, it will be used for deep learning applications, mostly in Python and Matlab. So if the eGPU is only being used for calculation, do I need the external display? Or is that just required for displaying accelerated graphics?

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@adamml I moved your thread to the Pro Applications section. Do you know Matlab has native support for OpenCL yet? Last I checked, it uses CUDA in which case Nvidia GPUs would be a better choice. OpenCL apps can utilize an eGPU without an external display.

We also have a workaround to accelerate the internal display with the eGPU.

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