EGPU working but performance is very poor.

EGPU working but performance is very poor.  


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Hi, I have a 2017 15 " MBP with touchbar that I'm running in Bootcamp windows 10. I have a Mantiz Venus with an AMD RX580 in it. The Egpu connects, I've gotten over my code 12 issues, monitors are connected everything seems to be working fine. I'm running a program called Ma3d, basically its a real time render machine for volumetric lighting. The AMD software is telling me that the program is take full advantage of the graphics card. HOWEVER, the performance is awful. I've done an A/B test with the EGPU getting me 2-6 FPS and the internal 570 getting me about 12 FPS. I'm not aware of any setting or tweak that will help. Can anyone provide any insight?


Thanks in advance

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Older software may not be able to use external GPU. Can you run different software and see if the results are the same?

Make sure the external monitor is set as the primary display.

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