FCPX > 10.4.7 prefer external GPU disappeared
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FCPX > 10.4.7 prefer external GPU disappeared  


Alessio Cazzaniga
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Good Day everyone,

with 10.4.6 you could select EGPU for every FCPX's task. You could do as following:

finder-->applications-->right-click onto Final Cut-->more info-->select external GPU flag

As per 10.4.7 update, that option disappeared. You can only select EGPU within FCPX preferences which allows it to handle offline processes (renders). It does no work on playback & effects

As you can see this is a very annoying problem within the Apple community -> https://discussions.apple.com/thread/250714680?page=16

and I haven't found a solution here in this forum.

Has anyone a workaround for that? Perhaps disabling via SHELL the internal GPU?


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I was having the same issue and after reading loads of forums, one guy said to set my external monitor (monitor connected to the EGPU) as the main display and then when i checked "About this mac" it showed the EGPU card as being the main one, now it uses the card for playback, effects, render, the only thing i noticed it does not use the EGPU for is when you import the media and it has to create the proxys on FCPX etc, for that it uses the built in GPU unlike on 10.4.6 when the check box is ticked, it uses the EGPU for everything, but i can live with that, my set up below.

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Hope this helps, if your not using an external display then i dont know. 

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@mk187, FCP 10.4.7+ has GPU settings inside the app itself.


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