Final Cut Pro and Nvidia GTX 10X0 series
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Final Cut Pro and Nvidia GTX 10X0 series  


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I recently purchased the Akitio Node on Amazon because of its surprising availability. Its for my early 2015 13' MacBook Pro. I was debating whether to get a RX 480 or a GTX 1070. I knew gaming wise the 1070 would be a better option. But AMD is way better in rendering videos from Final Cut Pro.

Since Nvidia announced the Titan XP and the upcoming macOS drivers for the GTX 10X0 series I pulled the trigger on a GTX 1070 hybrid card for my enclosure. 

Also recently in the past couple days Apple came out and said that they were working a new updated modular Mac Pro. I feel like the two events announced so close together are not a coincidence. During the interview with Apple, eGPU's briefly got mentioned, Craig Federighi said "I think they have a place." Apple clearly knows about them and maybe is investigating the potential they have. Which would be awesome to see official support.

If Apple is maybe intending to use full Nvidia Cards in their new modular Mac Pros and Nvidia Cards in other future Apple Desktops. Does anyone think Apple will update Final Cut Pro to be better optimized for Nvidia Cards? Since there could potentially be future Mac Pro configurations with 1080's, 1080 Ti's, or even Titan XP's.

I feel like the main reasons 'Pros' stick with Mac is because of Final Cut Pro. It would make no sense to me to make your most powerful computer you sell with top of the line graphic cards (Nvidia) and not optimize your crown jewel software to tap the raw power of those cards.

I intend to potentially purchase Final Cut Pro. I don't really understand why AMD is better than Nvidia when it comes to FCPX. So if anyone can give a really simple explanation please do.

Is the 1070 the right choice of card or should I return it and get at RX 480 instead because of the current optimization of OpenCL in FCPX? Or should I just wait it out with the 1070 and see what happens over time with a maybe future Apple/Nvidia partnership?


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