Is there list of Software that actually support eGPU?
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Is there list of Software that actually support eGPU?  


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It would be nice to have list of programs that benefits from the eGPU. Both for macOSX (more important, of course) and Windows. Are there free tools, too?
Does anyone of a reliable source for information?
If there is none, it would be nice if you could post here usable programs, you know they support eGPUs, together with the purpose.

Thank you very very much!

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Idk if it also works on other enclosure but on Razer Core there’s gpu switcher  that helps easily changing dGPU and egpu for avoiding troubleshooting by direct unplugging, by changing it to dGPU before unplug the enclosure. It helps on my situation with rtx 2080 egpu setting from loosing nvidia driver (sometimes not always) after unplugging it without changing it first. I find it’s better than changing gpu by device manager or nvidia control center.
As mentioned it’s for windows, works also on other laptops brand like xps15 and Blade 15(officially only for Blade 14) but interesting to find out whenever it works on bootcamp or not.

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