Mac Pro 2013, Vega64, Razer Core - No openCL support in Photoshop?
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Mac Pro 2013, Vega64, Razer Core - No openCL support in Photoshop?  


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Hi All,

I'm new to eGPU so please forgive me if I'm asking the obvious. I noticed that photoshop does not allow me to select "Use OpenCL" in performance preferences yet many of the filters are only gpu supported with OpenCL. Can someone help me understand what is happening here, is this a driver issue, an egpu issue? What can I do to rectify this?

Really appreciate any help! 


Well, I finally worked this out. I can't believe I haven't read this anywhere but apparently Photoshop only enables OpenCL support if you are only accelerating a single external monitor. I have switched my second monitor to the internal GPU and all is working well!

Mac Pro 2013 + Razer Core X + Vega 64

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@barrycraig, Which version of Photoshop are you running? I'm using an RX 5600 XT eGPU with 3 external monitors and there's a check mark on Use OpenCL. I have 21.2.2 release on this 2019 13-in MacBook Pro.

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